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Your digital devices have a dark side.It’s time you
see the light.

Do youreyes feel irritated and does your head ache after several hours of using your digital devices?

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Blutein Protection 30 count bottle
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Did youknow that children are extremely vulnerable to health issues caused by the use of digital devices?

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Blutein Chewables 60 count bottle
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Are youaware that hours of digital device use slows your mental processing speed and can lead to health issues?

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Blutein Performance 30 count bottle
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The Ultimate Formula to Protect and Repair.

Blutein Protection 30 count bottle
  • Acts as a nutritional filter against blue light.*
  • Helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.*
  • Includes the three carotenoids also found in the eye: lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin.
  • Formulated with Lutemax® 2020, fucoxanthin and blueberry for maximum protection.
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Digital Eye Health for Younger Eyes.

Blutein Chewables 60 count bottle
  • Helps shield developing retinas from excess blue light absorption.*
  • Great-tasting chewable that appeals to both younger ages and adults.
  • Delivers a clinically tested, eye health ingredient derived from sustainably sourced marigold flowers.*
  • Received the 2017 "Back to School Essentials" award from Taste For Life
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For Those Seldom Unplugged, Looking for a Performance Edge.

Blutein Performance 30 count bottle
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue, while nourishing your eyes.*
  • Formula designed to enhance visual reaction time and mental processing speed.*
  • Powered by clinically tested Lutemax® 2020, and boosted with 50mg of caffeine and G.G. Brain Energy Blend.
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Ocuguard® Blutein is Your Solution to the Digital Revolution

image of 80%80% of adults suffer from digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain, headaches, fatigue, dry eyes and blurry vision are all symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Act now to protect yourself from the damaging effects of blue light.

image of 6.5 The average time children spend every day on digital devices is 6.5 hours.

Under age 10, developing retinas are particularly susceptible to damage as they have yet to form a natural protective coating that helps filter blue light. Give them extra protection from the digital world.

image of 80% Adults spend 59% on average of waking hours looking at screens.

Supplementation has been shown to impact eye health and mental performance - verbal memory, comprehensive memory and processing speed. Give yourself a competitive advantage by focusing on your eyes.

Blutein Mentioned On "CBS This Morning" By Dr. Michael Breus

Ocuguard® Blutein Lets You Fully Enjoy Your Digital Devices.
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The nutritional filter Blutein products provide can improve symptoms of eye strain, fatigue, contrast sensitivity and glare recovery.* Digital overload can affect the macula, the area lining the back of the eye that’s highly vulnerable to blue light emission and age-related eye disease.  Twinlab Ocuguard® Blutein products are clinically formulated with Lutemax® 2020, a revolutionary ingredient that supplies three carotenoids needed for strong, healthy eyes. Each formula contains ingredients that work together to enhance how you work, play and live your digital lifestyle.

Looking for more information? Ocuguard® Blutein has been featured in the following publications:

- Women's Wear Daily (WWD) magazine (July 2017)

- Vogue.com (August 2017)

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